legend of the wang
I saw "Troy" on Saturday and thought it was pretty lame, I think they could have done a lot better with it. The musical score made it seem like an epic, but the movie failed to live up to that potential.

Continuing with the whole Greek theme, I watched "Helen of Troy" on A&E on Sunday and liked it a whole lot better.
--Candi Tue May 25 10:03:50 2004
Your mortality discussions... do you ever make yourself really depressed thinking about it? I feel like blacking it out of my mind helps me. Otherwise I become very depressed.
--dilcue, oiho Tue May 25 14:40:09 2004
Simply not thinking about it doesn't make the issue go away. I've found confronting the issue head-on, philisophically, has actually let me feel better about "blacking it out of my mind"...if I tried blacking it out without doing that, the nagging sense of "there's something I'm not thinking about" would drive me NUTS.
--Kirk Tue May 25 15:26:03 2004

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