sad songs and margaritas
Mr editor speaking: right before you go listing why you aren't trying contacts, I think you refer to contacts as glasses. Or am I wrong?
--Mr. Lex Wed May 26 08:17:00 2004
corrected, thanks, just a typo/thinko.
--Kirk Wed May 26 08:30:34 2004
I've never considered contacts for long, but lately I'm greatly tempted by the various corrective surgeries, partly, I confess, because they involve lasers. But my sister and bro-in-law both had the laser surgery and don't have a word of complaint.

I, for one, wonder what the rain looks like when not viewed through water-spotted plastic.
--LAN3 Wed May 26 09:51:02 2004
have you considered "an umbrella"?

That said, I'm not sure about laser surgery. It just seems like such a good odds but super high stakes gamble...I have trouble even imagining life with seriously impaired vision.

(Which brings up an interesting point; there is a certain amount of evidence that I'm "audio oriented", but I really think my model of the world is visual, and when there's something complex, I need to see it to understand it. So I'm not sure.)
--Kirk Wed May 26 10:38:11 2004
I've got a powerful astigmatism and probably just about the worst vision you can imagine, and I'm fully satisfied with contacts. Then again, I've been sticking my fingers in my eyes since I was a kid, so possibly it was easier for me to adjust than it would be for someone else.
--KiruBanzai Wed May 26 13:44:34 2004
From a lady, I do think you look pretty darn hot in your glasses. But it never hurts to try something new! P.S., I got into the editing discipline here at NCSA, beating out 3 other duds, I mean dudes ;)
--Erin Wed May 26 14:20:01 2004
Well, thanks for the comments on the glasses. But whether I get contacts or not, it is probably time for a new pair of glasses I'm open to suggestions for that as well.
--Kirk Wed May 26 15:07:36 2004
Umbrella? Pshaw! You kids and your new-fangled gadgets. I'm doing just fine in my oilskins.

And while there's something to be said for the laser surgery risk, the odds of getting a bad result are like 1:10,000 per eye, and you get to roll twice. 
--LAN3 Wed May 26 15:22:10 2004
heh, I hadn't thought about them doing one eye, then the other, just for the reason we're talking about here...1:10K odds are actually pretty good. I like to think I'm the kind of guy who will bank on odds like that. Though I still play the lottery from time to time.
--Kirk Wed May 26 15:28:45 2004
I've had fun with night time digital photography (and a tripod is required). I took a ton of photos in December of 2002 ( at night, painting with various forms of light.

I was even able to get pictures of fireworks ( .

--Sean Conner Wed May 26 17:29:39 2004
Because the odds of hitting my state's lottery drawing are some 1:7,000,000, I only play when the amount reaches $7,000,000. The way I see it, I'm breaking even by spending a dollar. Maybe even getting half off, since a dollar gets you two sets of six numbers.
--LAN3 Wed May 26 23:40:37 2004
One advantage with contacts is they don't get the daily build-up of grime. It's amazing how much clearer things are after I clean my glasses. But contacts dry out so after a long day I have to take them out beacuse they start to itch. There are also times where not having glasses is great (like cold days and getting a haircut). I don't have astigmatism, so I can't say on that front, but those are more epxensive so you will want to make sure you know what your prescription is.

Laser vision correction - no way. I have only two eyes and they can't be replaced.
--ericball Thu May 27 05:11:29 2004
Re: Lottery...I'm a very poor darts player. It might take me like 10-20 tries to get a bullseye. So sometimes I try to figure how many bullseyes in a row winning the lottery would be equivalent to...
--Kirk Thu May 27 05:49:10 2004

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