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Two lines about an online catalog. A freaking online catalog!!! Where is the pathos, where is the angst, where are the body odor sniffing conffessions?  This is not the kisrael we have all come to respect and admire. This is not the kisrael that we have come to deride and mock. This is tepid. This is neither hot nor cool.

Put the kisrael back in kisrael, dang it!
--Evil Bastard Thu May 27 09:36:33 2004
A. that's an online catalog? i see that it talks about t-shirts, but i can't figure out how i'd actually order one.
B. quit your whining. I just wrote up a system to make us all rich on the stockmarkets

--Kirk Thu May 27 09:59:10 2004
Here's one problem with the stock market idea: you can't day trade (or, at least, not easily as a small-timer like us) mutual funds. If you place a buy or sell order this morning, the purchase or sale will occur at the end of the business day using the end-of-day price. Also, mutual funds have sales fees (which would cut into your profit margin significantly) or require you to hold the fund for x days (usually around 90) to avoid fees.
--Max Thu May 27 10:18:03 2004
Yeah, figured it was something like that. Still, it might be fun to try to papertrade, taking restrictions/fees like that into account.
--Kirk Thu May 27 11:07:15 2004
From what I've learned about stock-markets, they really don't react to the news as much as commonly alleged by financial reporters. Most news shows will credit an event or two with directing the trend of that day's activity, be it a news event, the release of new economic figures or profits/losses, or just another trend (such as a selloff of tech-stocks or whatnot). But whenever someone looks at the phenomenon, they find out it's nearly total BS. It frankly has a lot of inertial and takes either a massive event (9/11) or a constant barrage for months (the floor dropping out from under tech/.com stocks, or likewise a boom) for real changes to be noticeable.
--LAN3 Thu May 27 16:34:36 2004

that also has the page turning thing as well...and i like the content it has. the game it advertises is pretty good, the website does it justice.
--Crazy Spork I Am Fri May 28 02:17:24 2004

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