I love Minis, especially this one

I think it's adorable.
--Candi Mon May 31 08:55:03 2004
Yeah, the idea of a convertible is great...though to be honest, I barely even roll down my windows, and the times I've been in a convertible, it seemed loud and w/ too much sun. On a warm night on a slow road they're great, but still...

Also I don't know if the MINI convertibles are out yet
--Kirk Mon May 31 10:20:56 2004
Regarding second opinions, I have a golden rule for redecorating: if what you want to do can be undone/redone as easily as it can be done (e.g., painting), then follow your instinct. If, however, you and future residents are stuck with the consequences (e.g., painting wood paneling), then resist the urge and find a way to decorate around it.
--Max, hardly one of the Fab Five Mon May 31 12:53:05 2004
Yeah, I hear ya. And while the beige is a little darker than it should be, and I'm not crazy about the panelling, maybe it won't be such an issue esp. once I get furniture in front of it, including lots of book shelves...
--Kirk Mon May 31 13:11:26 2004
Kirk, I would go ahead and paint now if I were you. Not that I think the room's brutally ugly, but because it's no major effort if done now . . . and by transforming the place, you'll feel more quickly and deeply connected to it. 

Your personal makeover efforts are a noble stab at self-improvement. I applaud you, sir. The Minis are very cool, but I am most impressed by your drive to reinvent yourself as you'd like to be.
--Cole Mon May 31 16:45:24 2004
Oy...I think I'm kind of running low on time for the whole paint-before-moving-stuff-in thing. And the beige ain't that bad, and the wood might not be a good idea to paint...the landlord might not dig it, and I'm totally inexperienced.

I think I'll have enough of my stuff there to feel connected to the place...moving around a lot when I was a kid means I really get a feeling of "home is where your junk is" :-)

Thanks for the kind words re:reinvention. Ya gotta aim high 'cause of the reality you usually end up hitting a little lower than you aim, but still.
--Kirk Mon May 31 19:29:33 2004

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