all hail sawers
About the joe-job. My sympathies. I had this exact same thing happen to me, too. It's quite common. I wouldn't worry a great deal about it leading to your domain being blacklisted -- the blacklisters understand that from: lines are nearly always forged. At least, I never got blacklisted for it.

It was a pain dealing with angry email and bounces, though.
--John Fenderson Tue Jun 1 12:04:28 2004
Luckily my half-baked spam filtering system, where email from people I've sent to and w/ certain keywords (often group based) are brought to the top and highlighted works pretty well to ignore the bulk of it, but it definately raises up the volume, and with all that Spam I'm more likely to miss real mail from new senders.

Frickin' spammers. Their attitude of "well, users are stupid and might use spamblocks and miss something they might really like" just sucks. Any mail sent in batches bigger than like 50 should have special easily filterable subject prefixes.
--Kirk Tue Jun 1 13:18:02 2004
I notice that I'm getting occasional messages where "sexually explicit" has weird punctuation. OOPS!

anyway, I'm considering a pilgrimage to Boston just to see how this bachelor pad thing works out.
--Nick B Wed Jun 2 12:52:25 2004
Weird puncuation? You mean, the way they add in random characters to get around some basic keyword filtering, they're doing the same thing with that keyword meant to be filtered on? Hrrm. 

Where you at Nick? Your optimism in my bachelor pad assembly ability is appreciated. And I have an aerobed ready for pretty much any regular who is in town...
--Kirk Wed Jun 2 13:26:22 2004
Oh please master, don't shut us poor blender slaves out ha. Gosh I've seen much worse trash than that there..hahahaha
--BK Thu Jun 3 11:03:22 2004
:-) I was just kidding. But that was a particularly striking example, for the reasons I listed...a heckuva way to start out a session...luckily it still turned out to be a very good month
--Kirk Thu Jun 3 12:43:35 2004

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