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Well, Kirk, guess that means we must permit homicide, too, as the vast majority of adults die of natural causes. Or can we not draw a legal and moral distinction between that which occurs naturally and that which is an act of deliberate human will? (FWIW, Plan B does block conception, but, failing that, it can also block implantation, thereby forcing the destruction of an embryonic human being.)
--Chris Wed Jun 2 15:20:29 2004
Sorry, I shouldn't have written such trolling material. My own personal views tend toward the utilitarian and morally complex and I don't really want to start possibly prolonged debates here. I admire some aspects of the consistency of the "prolife" position (assuming the person is also anti-death penalty) but like Menken said, "For every problem there is a solution which
is simple, clean and wrong.", and that's what I think the prolife answer is.
--Kirk Wed Jun 2 15:44:56 2004

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