ACHILLES: cousin. he's my cousin. cousin. totally my cousin. in conclusion: cousin.
"Cousin" has also been used from sovran kingdom to kingdom. Seems it takes reminding folks they're spilling a bit of family blood in those epics. I've always enjoyed the familiarity of using the Southern term of endearment in "cuz" or "cud'n" with kind friends and those I'm sure would be related when traced back far enough, Cud'n Kirk ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Thu Jun 3 10:18:03 2004
Had an elderly female cousin (terms goes all the way back to Latin) we called Cudnollie. I was a teen before I learned her nickname was Ollie, with family affectionately calling her Cud'n Ollie...or, to my ears as Cud-nollie. I was only corrected when addressing a card to her when I was old enough to send my own instead of just signing the regular family card :) ..... Rennie
--Cud'n Ren Thu Jun 3 10:29:22 2004
I found "Cousin" the easiest term for some not-quite-blood-relatives of mine, the son of my Aunt's husband from a previous marriage and his family. I know some people are brilliant with that "second cousin three times removed by marriage" stuff, but "cousin" works pretty well. Or sometimes I'll round to "niece" and "nephew" for the kids, which gives a better idea of the relative ages.
--Kirk Thu Jun 3 10:38:00 2004
The all-time greatest name for food: baba ganoush.
--Cole Thu Jun 3 10:51:43 2004
I used to write recipes on a regular basis. Each one started with how to steal the ingredients. Hard enough to eat a meal of military rations when called C-rats, K-rats or those WMD created this side of the Pond called MRE's. Lots of classical, even lyrical names for the items in those, but none I can type in here :|. I'm currently enjoying a cookbook of recipes from Tuscany. I think half the enjoyment of these foods are the wonderful names. Was nice to read of the Portuguese restaurant visit since we've got some folks that direction, Kirk. Got me in the habit of soups since they have a different one for each day of the year. We travel, so the international flavors are an extra treat. I've even enjoyed taking pictures of the dishes as presented. Had a Thai dish that was so artistic in presentation that I was sorry not to have a camera along to record it ..... Rennie
--Rennie Thu Jun 3 11:13:31 2004
Even if it is easier to modify plans on the fly with a cell phone, all that means is that concrete plans are harder to make.
--Nick B Thu Jun 3 15:21:30 2004
Ehh, I don't find that to be the case. Pre-cellphone, I was always getting bugged when friends weren't there on time, or when I wasn't going to be quite punctual; now there's a way to keep people informed.
--Kirk Thu Jun 3 15:33:08 2004
I, for one, am perpetually late or at least cutting it very close, and it's nice to call the other party and say "I'm nearby and getting there," so they don't take any rash actions like assuming they've been stood-up.
--LAN3 Fri Jun 4 12:56:35 2004

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