sitting and spinning and sitting and spinning and ow my back still hurts
Brother Butch ... just in case someone else didn't already tell you ... the small gif cinema page isn't working right now. Get ye ol' page cannot be found. 
--Beau Fri Jun 4 12:26:42 2004
So GO TO THE DOCTOR - there may be a muscle relaxant that will help!

--YOUR MOTHER Fri Jun 4 12:29:03 2004
I'm unavailable to help with the packing (sorry), but if you need boxes or plastic storage bins, let me know, I have some extras.
--Max Fri Jun 4 19:18:23 2004
I don't know if you saw it, but Patrick Hughes (Bad News Hughes, which is now one of my regular reads) experienced, as one of his many many recorded indignities, his appendix out quite recently. It's up to his usual standard of paralysis-inducing comedy, too.
--LAN3 Fri Jun 4 19:27:28 2004

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