far from land or dock.
Thanks for guest hosting and the Keillor link, LAN3. Packing for a long-overdue move to the Left Coast. Lots of us kinda hitchhike into poetry. I'm sure you could do just as well :) ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Sat Jun 12 08:19:06 2004
Ah, thanks for the compliment. I wanted to mention that the live audience members get the privilege of composing a dedication which could possibly be read, time permitting, just after the start of the second hour, so it's possible we'll hear from Kirk in that section. As for poetry, well, I'll keep my thumb out.
--LAN3 Sat Jun 12 14:01:25 2004
:)...I've stumbled around with poetry in Kirk's Blender for years. I've also appreciated his wit and wisdom in kisrael.com (and your comments) on a regular basis. I've also had a fine appreciation for his mortality comments. Even more today, since I lost two relatives from a automobile accident this morning. Actually, the third close family member in less than a month. I come into kisrael and Blender to unwind. I am never disappointed. Kirk seemed to like a bit I did on Blender spoofing Keillor and Shakespeare. I like Keillor, so it would be a real treat if Kirk gets that recognition ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Sat Jun 12 18:06:13 2004
Oh my god, Rennie, I am so sorry to hear about that kind of loss. My deep sympathies to you and your family.

On a lighter note, no luck getting my message ("L - thanks for tending the website while I'm down here in Jersey --Kirk") read...I wonder if the people who were shoving stuff at him during the intermission (rather than just tossing them in the hat before the show) had better luck.

LAN3, I'm betting that last photo I cell'd to you didn't come out so well...
--Kirk Sat Jun 12 19:26:34 2004
Rennie, my sympathies to you, what a tragedy-- I'm very sorry to learn that this happened. Ugh, what a sad event, compounded by a tragic month.

Kirk- Well, reason to take your camera even when you have your phone. I've rather gone on at length on Sunday, so maybe you should post that second pic on Monday. Thanks for thinking of me. When Ranjit saw PHC with a mutual friend, they sent their wishes to me (and another mutual friend yet) and Garrison didn't read any messages at all-- I think I'm bad luck, now. ;^)
--LAN3 Sat Jun 12 21:32:50 2004

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