I don't know much about the Mini. They're certainly cute, though I've always wondered how one would fare in a collision with a normal-sized car.

One thing I've learned from owning a Mazda is to be VERY aware of the location and service quality of dealerships for whatever car you buy. Mazda's nearest dealership to me is 20 minutes away and not convenient to anything, and their service is both bad and badly-scheduled (actually, not scheduled: you have to arrive at 6:00 a.m. for first-come, first-served). This has made me swear that I would not buy another Mazda as long as I live where I do, even though I've been very happy with the car.

Have you thought about a Prius? All kinds of cool, geeky features (like the digital fob that unlocks doors and activates the ignition from within your pocket) and environmentally-friendly, too. Might not be as "chick-friendly" as the Mini, though it probably would gain respect from many people. Small enough to park reasonably easily, but more cargo and passenger space than the Mini. Of course, there's a ten-month waiting list, but then, your Civic is working, so...
--Max Tue Jun 15 09:25:56 2004
I love MINIs. Even when I'm at school in northern Vermont you see a couple occaisonally. And I alaways yell out "MINI!" Even when I pass the dealership on Rt. 1 near my house I yell out "MINI!" So, if per chance you do get a MINI, and it happens to be you I see driving down the road, be content knowing I'll yell "MINI!"

Whether you give your old car to Ivan or one of your friends you'll be helping whoever you gave it to out. When I turned 16 my Uncle gave me his extra car. It had been my great grandmother's, a 1986 Ford Escort. I loved that car. It died last summer and I was greatly saddened. But I got a new car, learned to drive it, and voila! I was mobile again.

Anyway, you could always see if Ivan and his family are still interested, and if they're not then you could let your friend have it.
--Candi Tue Jun 15 09:48:35 2004
Good point, I may not be swung to the Prius, but I will be asking about where to go for maintenence...)

Candi--yeah, I should reask and make sure they are really interested in it, and Ivan has the financial backing (by his job or his family) to keep it going once he has it.
--Kirk Tue Jun 15 09:53:57 2004
Burn the Civic.
Use the ins money to buy drugs
Use the drugs to recruit some Ho's.
Let the Ho's buy you a Caddy.
--xoxoxo Bruce Tue Jun 15 15:32:57 2004
but...but....I kinda LIKE the Civic...

Besides, pimpin' ain't easy, or at least that's what I've heard.
--Kirk Tue Jun 15 16:38:24 2004
mini's aren't all that. hold on to the civic. them jap cars last a long time. treat yourself someother way. hookers and blow!
--tim Tue Jun 15 17:49:31 2004
My mom bought this week's Weekly World News and the headline is "Dick Cheney Is A Robot!" The picture reminded me of the photoshopped animals you had on yesterday's entry.
--Candi Tue Jun 15 18:29:06 2004
Hey Kirk,
Thanks for the comment on my BLOG about the life of it and such. Thanks for the participation, too. Even the lack of participation did kinda disappoint me a small, eensy winsy bit, I didn't stop doing it becuase of that. Dang. . .I could have had a lot of fun writing sermons and drama for the demonic alien inhabiting my brain. I probably wouldn't have mind sticking it out with question after question to see if anyone would respond. Thing is: I have so many other responsibilities of creativity and tedium and socializing that demand my time. Honestly, I think there's plenty of other people who could prioritize everything I did on that BLOG a lot better than me. I know plenty of people who really don't have much to do. . .it's kind of sad. =( later.
--Mr. Lex Tue Jun 15 18:31:31 2004
BTW, my girlfriend likes the style and silence of the Prius. It's amazing how quiet those things are and drive so well, too, with some pretty good pick up. . .vroom! vroom!
--Mr. Lex Tue Jun 15 18:33:01 2004
John saw some comparison crash tests between a Mini and an Explorer, and the Mini won.

Don't sweat the Civic, really.
--Cordelia Tue Jun 15 18:36:03 2004
Welcome back, Kirk. If you want the Mini, treat yourself. You
deserve it. Coming off a divorce is no time to be practical. Don't just get it for the girls though. Make sure it's what you want. If I weren't 6'4, I'd love to have one. When I lived in Cambridge (UK), I actually drove an old Mini on a dare. It was a blast.   
--Cole Tue Jun 15 19:42:58 2004
Mini vs. Explorer's not a fair contest, because Explorers, like all vehicles over 4000lbs., are exempt from a lot of safely regs, especially where rollover is concerned. Dunno about you, but I'll take the Explorer in a head-on or side-on-- the height and the low center of gravity should do fine. 
--LAN3 Tue Jun 15 23:26:17 2004
Wow, Ivan almost old enough to drive! Damn...time just flies. I'm with the caddys and hos ideas, I mean, everyone likes chocolate cupcakes.
--Erin in Hollywood Wed Jun 16 00:19:28 2004

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