enraging enron
Your taste in cars will not negatively affect the opinion of any woman worth attracting.
--Cordelia Sat Jun 19 18:28:46 2004
Hey, didn't you read my last sentence??? ;-)

Actually, we passed a Toyota RAV-4 on the street today...that might be another thing worth considering.
--Kirk Sat Jun 19 20:23:32 2004
actually, the mini would sway my opinion in a positive way. 
--female of strong opinion Sun Jun 20 21:54:13 2004
damn it!
--Kirk Mon Jun 21 06:18:21 2004
And so that means the possible "girlie" factor of the MINI just isn't there for you?
--Kirk Mon Jun 21 07:08:30 2004
mmm, girlie factor? can't say i respond much to assigning gender attractiveness to cars. (except jettas, of course. ;) *i* would certainly drive one if i weren't in love with my current ride. but given the quirkiness of the scion vs. mini, it's hands down for me. you *are* going for oddball, n'est pas? scion not so much.
--FoSO Mon Jun 21 15:15:24 2004
I dunno...Scion is probably more oddball than Mini, in its way...Mini is retro and yuppie, scion is...well, the xB is just boxy cool (too cool for me) and xA is euro stumpy. 

Just out of curiosity, are you someone I know "in real life"?
--Kirk Mon Jun 21 17:12:04 2004
does it matter? 
--FoSO Mon Jun 21 17:16:33 2004
Sure! Well, sorta. 

If you're someone I know, then I can think about what other things I think you like, and assemble a profile of a MINI-liker, and that might be useful!
--Kirk Mon Jun 21 20:26:19 2004
too public a forum. 
--on the internet, no one knows you're a bitch Tue Jun 22 13:26:46 2004
Heh, well, at least you're someone who knows how to track down a post after it fell off the front page. Drop me a line some other way if you're so inclined.
--Kirk Wed Jun 23 09:58:17 2004
--Kirk Wed Jun 23 09:59:09 2004

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