not a peep out of you!
I was in the HS Tealuxe about three times Saturday afternoon with my friend Rob. Pointless but convergent.
--Cordelia Mon Jun 21 10:59:45 2004
I guess Ms. Goo's never been to England or seen "The Italian Job".
--Cole Mon Jun 21 17:04:20 2004
Well, yes, there was the implication of "American Boys". Each culture's guys do some things that other culture's guys would see as too fruity for words.

Interesting about "The Italian Job". So its knowing that that DVD exists, vs the awesome Scion mix cd a dealer gave me today...
--Kirk Mon Jun 21 17:13:50 2004
Sounds like you've made a decision. Enjoy the Scion.
--Cole Mon Jun 21 21:35:13 2004

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