You look good. I got a haircut yesterday that is not too different from that one.

Now all you have to do is trip over a couch and move it with three women.
--AuSkeptic Fri Jun 25 06:43:32 2004
it = in

Freudian slip?

--AuSkeptic Fri Jun 25 06:44:36 2004

Well, unless you have fantasies about furniture rearrangement and redecorating, I wouldn't worry about it.
--Kirk Fri Jun 25 06:46:29 2004
I don't know... I've always had a kind of footstool fetish, but everytime I google a foot or stool fetish some very odd things show up.
--AuSkeptic Fri Jun 25 09:45:47 2004
Kirk > John Ritter
--Candi Fri Jun 25 10:17:25 2004
Kirk > John Ritter--
at least head-circumference-wise... ;-)
--Kirk Fri Jun 25 12:49:16 2004

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