pedal to the metal, heel to the steel
Maybe I should go to Eye Q Optical next year when it's time once again for a new prescription. I've usually gone to Lens Crafters in Peabody but I'm afraid one time I go in there I'm going to leave with a hideous pair of frames, considering I'm almost legally blind without my glasses. 

Also, after they find out my name, do you think the people at Eye Q Optical will sing songs with my name in it? Because that always creeps me out about Lens Crafters.
--Candi Sun Jun 27 13:00:20 2004
This isn't going to turn into that King of the Hill episode where Bill put on a dress and introduced himself to everyone as Lenore?
--Nick B Sun Jun 27 18:46:09 2004
I have to say...I have very little idea what either of you are talking about. They sing at Lens Crafters? What do they sing? And I'm totally missing the tie-in with the king of the hill episode.
--Kirk Sun Jun 27 21:46:01 2004
Oh, nevermind, the comparison w/ me and Mo.

well, we were a somewhat gender neutral couple to begin with...
--Kirk Sun Jun 27 22:01:49 2004
Whenever I go to Lens Crafters, the manager always sings to me, usually it's some obscure song that references candy or something. He's a very odd man.
--Candi Mon Jun 28 09:07:56 2004
Ah, didn't know if it was a corporate thing or what.

"I Want Candy", "The Candy Man Can", that kind of thing?
--Kirk Mon Jun 28 09:37:33 2004
Yep! You'd be surprised at the amount of songs that have Candy or Candi in it!
--Candi Mon Jun 28 10:50:57 2004
"I want Candy" sung by a lens crafters dude seems a little creepy.

I suppose there are a lot of songs about "Israel" out there, luckily most people around here don't know 'em.
--Kirk Mon Jun 28 11:08:53 2004
Oh don't even get me started about jokes about last names...
--Cagey Mon Jun 28 14:08:43 2004
Well, sure, with a last name like "Cagey"...
--Kirk Mon Jun 28 14:40:41 2004

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