in the land of cleves (backlog flush #50)
Just wanted to add a comment 'cause my comments links looked SO lonely. Posting to your comments board just so they're not all zeros is the height of lameosity, but like I said, they looked very very lonely.

More on the Cleveland trip soon.
--Kirk Tue Jul 6 14:00:18 2004
True, though you do get credit for use of the word "lameosity."
--Max Tue Jul 6 14:34:18 2004
Well, there is that.

I also get a slight smug feeling of "made you look" thought it was some meaningful chitchat from others, but it was just some trolling for comments by the site owner...
--Kirk Tue Jul 6 15:14:39 2004
Yeah, yeah. There's a sucker born every minute, you know. ;-)

By the way, I just started reading Dungeons & Dreamers. I'll post again when I'm done with some impressions.
--Max Tue Jul 6 19:33:24 2004
Kirk, you may have reached the height of lameosity, but I have just reached the height of dorkyness.

I'm about to turn my trusty TI-83 Plus graphing calculator into a personal organizer.

I fell in love with the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition yesterday when I was in Staples. But I could never give up my TI-83 Plus, and luckily for me I can download some of the applications available for the 84 to my 83.

It's a beautiful thing.
And I will never ever be cool.
--Candi Tue Jul 6 20:02:20 2004
Candi-- you're right. 

--Kirk Tue Jul 6 21:51:15 2004

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