back from the land
I'd assume that the driver of that Jeep is commenting on the current state of immigration in this country, which treats immigrants so badly that many feel that America has a "no vacancy" sign currently lit.
--Max Wed Jul 7 10:37:12 2004
I'm glad none of my friends will be around for my birthday so I don't end up looking sillier than I already do!

I took a trip up to Plattsburgh, NY this past weekend to visit my friend Katie on her birthday. We both wore silly hats that day. I sported a nice red bishop's hat, and she had the beachcomber style going on.
--Candi Wed Jul 7 13:07:40 2004
Max, I assume you're being facetious, or just over doing the "benefit of the doubt" thing?

Candi...heh. I had some kck butt surprise birthday parties thrown for me in highschool, 16 and 18. Both times it was a complete surpsise, just everyone meeting me as I walk in the door...
--Kirk Wed Jul 7 15:08:02 2004
I was purely serious in my post, though it's certainly possible that I'm giving too much credit to the Jeep owner. I guess I just didn't understand what your interpretation of it was, or why you raised the question of the person's understanding (or lack thereof) of history.
--Max Wed Jul 7 19:39:05 2004
I've never had a surprise party, and I dont know if my friends have that great of organizing skills. But hey, that would certainly increase the memorableness of my 21st birthday!
--Candi Wed Jul 7 21:18:45 2004
I think the most likely interpretation is that it's against further immigration, essentially saying "no more mexicans or indians or whatever, please, we're full up and need our jobs and all that", that we should put up a No Vacancy sign at the borders. And I'm guessing the person isn't terrifically aware of the discrimination Irish immigrants received and how they were told to go home...
--Kirk Thu Jul 8 07:10:24 2004
Huh. Interesting how we interpreted it in exactly opposite ways. I suspect you're probably right in your interpretation, so I now understand the comment about Irish immigration. Still, it could be interpreted the other way.
--Max Thu Jul 8 09:40:27 2004
that decal sucks
--xxxx Sun Feb 11 03:57:06 2007

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