i hear it's really big in japan
Well, if you're trying to change your image to attract women, Death Star is probably out. Puck has a literary ring to it, which isn't bad. Not fond of Sluggo. It sounds like a baseball player, not a car.

I think Puck works the best out of the current options, but keep thinking and you might come up with something even better.
--Max Thu Jul 8 09:37:59 2004
I second Max, sluggo sounds like that lame comic strip or a baseball player -- way too retro. But I really like Puck, it's got the literary ring, but it's short, like the car.
--John S. Thu Jul 8 11:01:32 2004
I'm not a fan of Puck or Sluggo really. A car's name should be fun.

I suggest Von Karman, but that's the dorky meteorologist in me coming out again. The Von Karman constant was taken to be approximately equal to .38, but recently they discovered the value varies, so now it's the Von Karman parameter.

In any event, I like saying Von Karman and think it would be a fun name for anything really. Good luck on your decision making process!
--Candi Thu Jul 8 11:31:17 2004
Von Karman is a good word, but I'm wary of any name for a car that has the word "car" embedded in it. 

I think Sluggo and Puck are both fun in their implications, if not in the "saying 'falafel'" kind of sense.
--Kirk Thu Jul 8 12:22:41 2004
--Kiru Banzai Thu Jul 8 12:38:31 2004
I suppose you're right about a car having "car" in its name. My sister named the first car I had "Carla." I didn't want to name it that, but the name stuck.

I think when you find the right name you'll know it. I named the car I have now "Nemo." No, it's not orange, but I did find it.
--Candi Thu Jul 8 13:55:11 2004
how about something japanese, like pazu, or akito, or hayao? 
--FoSo Thu Jul 8 14:01:49 2004
I guess I have trouble seperating Japanese names from Japanese pop-culture...I didn't mind having coworkers with giant anime and manga banners in the shared office space, and there's some anime that I adore, but really, I'm not that kind of hardcore fan.

Also, Japanese cars don't feel that Japanese to me anymore, for better or worse. Especially Scion, which is a (I think) Westernized exercise in branding and marketing.
--Kirk Thu Jul 8 14:41:47 2004
Name it Sphagnum.

Or Tetsuo.

--Cordelia Thu Jul 8 18:44:49 2004
I'm told that Tetsuo means "Bear," but the Akira reference will impress a few people.
--LAN3 Thu Jul 8 19:11:24 2004
....she lured you in...she spoke to you...she gave you reasons to take her home ...A.L.I.C.E. ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Thu Jul 8 19:44:59 2004
little Turing Sedan humor. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Cute car ..... Rennie
--Rennie Lorca Thu Jul 8 19:54:28 2004
TETSUO...the IRON CAR. Then glue some random wires, goo, and sphagnum moss on the sides and drive around like crazy.
--Kiru Banzai Thu Jul 8 22:02:35 2004
OK...I get the "Tetsuo"/Akira reference (and can see myself mentally yelling "TETSUO!!!!" as I walk to it in the parking lot) but I'm at a loss about the sphagnum references, and google ain't helping, because I assume it's something more pop-culture wise than just a moss...
--Kirk Fri Jul 9 08:51:17 2004
i'll cast my lot in with the tetsuo faction...
--FoSO Fri Jul 9 10:08:01 2004
You practically started the Tetsuo faction with your "pazu, or akito, or hayao?" ideas!

Anyway, maybe I was wrong about Scion being Americanized branding, the xA and the xB were released in Japan as the Toyata Ist and bB, respectively. 

So far Puck and Tetsuo are the leading contenders. Of course, if I had an easier time deciding things the decision would already be made, but hey.
--Kirk Fri Jul 9 10:15:41 2004

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