give me an f
Yech..."Sluggo" is awful! Now "Puck", that's neat, with lots of subtexture. BTW, I was once told that, aesthetics aside, hub caps are necessary to help keep the bolts from rusting
....which can be a really important issue if you have to change a tire!
--YELM Fri Jul 9 10:21:25 2004
hahaha I love the sluggo sticker.

Maybe you could name it Tapioca, "Let me take you for a smooth ride in my Tapioca."

ehhh, maybe not.
--Candi Fri Jul 9 10:36:44 2004
re: Cussing of the moment. I read in Tristan Jones' _The Imcredible Voyage_ that, off the southern east coast of Africa (Madagascar and mainland) the Swahili-speakers use the term "manowarri" to describe foreign vessels, a hangover from when British warships, aka Man-of-wars, populated the seas in that region. The name for a foreign sailer likewise came from a popular expression among British sailors. A foreign sailor is a "goddammi," and a foreign sailor, while aboard his foreign vessel, is a "goddammi manowarri."
--LAN3 Fri Jul 9 10:40:49 2004
It never occurred to me that hubcaps might serve an actual purpose. That's why I never replaced the 2 hubcaps that have been missing since early 2000.
--Cagey Fri Jul 9 12:07:19 2004
Any visible problems, Cagey?

Anyway, I'm not sure, but I think I have "steel wheels" (according to Mile) that then take a flimsy "wheel cover", as opposed to..err, the other kind, which take a more substantial proper hubcap, probably bolted on. I'm guessing about some of this. Maybe it's time to call Mike again.
--Kirk Fri Jul 9 12:15:09 2004
my old car had the same kind of hubcaps, they usually take a few good kicks to get them on, so if the sales guy didn't do it right, they probably fell off. Mine fell off all the time, had to keep getting new ones. I highly doubt they were stolen.
--John S. Fri Jul 9 13:12:12 2004
No man should name his car if he is trying to have sex with women.
--Cole Fri Jul 9 16:38:06 2004
According to someone on the msg board, the salesguy shouldn't have removed these wires that were making it harder to put the covers on; they also make it easier to keep 'em on.

Cole-- interesting point, but face it; the kind of woman I'm likely to be able to sustain a long term relationship with is probably going to be pretty tolerant of a name. Especially if I don't use it all that much.
--Kirk Fri Jul 9 21:35:51 2004

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