didn't inhale
Oh Kirk... I give you a big duck face and a wagging finger! This is a slippery slope on which you dance!
--The curly British one! Mon Jul 12 10:54:31 2004
Slippery slope arguments are, I think, a slippery slope.

I hearby promise: if anyone catches me smoking more than 2 cigarettes in any day period (as commonly construed, from waking to going to bed), they can ask me for $200 and I'll give it to them. And next time, $300, and so on on up.
--Kirk Mon Jul 12 11:11:47 2004
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not even worth an exclamation point. YELM (Which will probably be confirmed by YELA.)
--YELM Mon Jul 12 13:38:01 2004
How 'bout the Articles of War ;-)Was that at age 14, or so?
--Beau Mon Jul 12 14:25:46 2004

Oh - something I forgot to tell you in bed Saturday night.
I think this is the behavior of an ass.
Please find a potentially less lethal way to act out.

--YELAS Mon Jul 12 19:59:01 2004
Beau's talking about Articles of War, these:
I guess my only defense is A. I don't share the same doctrinal beliefs that I did then that make up the foundation of it and B. well, I guess I was a minor to the extent that it was a contract.

Come to think of it my folks signed me up with I think a lifetime membership to the Womens Christian Temperence Union, the people who helped bring both women's right to vote and for a while remove everyone's permission to legally booze....
--Kirk Tue Jul 13 07:07:51 2004
before that it is a fallacy to oisncder the slippery slope fallacy a fallacy.Two examples from a libertarian viewpoint are Social Security and the income tax; neither are what they were originally claimed to be.And by "Social Security" I don't even (just) mean the growth in the "income redistribution" aspect. I mean claims like "The SS number will only be used for SS purposes and no other, and will not be used for identification."
--Amit Wed Mar 14 04:20:17 2012
I can't get my baby mans feet out of his mouth at the mo, but if it means a few more weeks of him not moving I will leave him sunkicg his toes! Eliza looks a little beauty.
--Arup Thu Apr 11 12:01:20 2013

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