smoke gets in your eyes
Bah, don't listen to them, Kirk. I've been smoking the occasional cigarette and parties and drinking events, 3 at most, and not feeling the slightest compulsion to smoke them on my own. I do smoke cigars, but cigars punish you for inhaling, and are far too expensive to become a habit themselves. Those, too, I generally only smoke with other people, though occasionally I'll smoke one with a good book and a decent whisk[e]y. There were a few times (no more) when I contemplated buying cigarettes of my own, but I kicked for thinking it (and didn't buy any, natch), and since then it hasn't happened in years.

I'll line up with the people who are saying "don't become a smoker" but not with the people who say "Don't smoke."
--LAN3 Tue Jul 13 09:52:27 2004
I ditto LAN3 ... while I chose not to smoke I do not believe it to be in and of itself bad. That is to be determined by the individual (while I believe Scripture says not to harm the body...I believe smoking does)it is a personal decision. In college I had the occasional cigar and do enjoy some tobacco (pipe) aroma ;-). I just like to have the choice whether or not to be around it. 
Have many friends that smoke and it never changes my decision whether or not to go to the restaurant/bar with them.
--Beau Tue Jul 13 10:26:32 2004
mmm, pipe aroma! i feel sorta hypocritical for liking it but not cigarettes. 

i knew my tolerance was too high when bars started to smell good to me. i'm not a smoker, but being around them too much was probably not the best idea.
--FoSO Tue Jul 13 14:45:07 2004
My Uncle has some wonderful smelling pipe tobacco.
--Kirk Tue Jul 13 15:14:19 2004
I used to do pretty much what you're doing, and I liked it for the same reasons. I took the habit up full time a few years back when everything got too much and my partner finally started smoking too, sick of the one-sided stench. We finally quit 5 weeks ago (on world quit day or whatever they called it). I have sooo much more energy now and I feel great. But then the worst anti-smokers are former smokers themselves.  : )
--Wing and a prayer Wed Jul 14 05:08:30 2004

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