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Weiner who?
--Mr. Lex Wed Jul 14 10:44:34 2004
First initials I.C.
--LAN3 Wed Jul 14 11:23:36 2004
A google search seems to indicate this is actually "Weiner's Law of Libraries" but somehow it seems less cool when rephrased as a law about library research and better as a general philisophical statement.

LAN3, I have no idea what you mean...the initials for the Transformers link?
--Kirk Wed Jul 14 13:50:53 2004
PS, the as an attributed quote is how i saw it on slashdot
--Kirk Wed Jul 14 14:12:26 2004
I think LAN3 is channeling his inner 10-year-old by attributing the quote to "I.C. Weiner," as in "I see..."
--Max Wed Jul 14 16:30:12 2004

i get it.

BTW, Max, you apparently wrote the comment that caused my website to go away for like a day!!!

Just kidding.
--Kirk Fri Jul 16 12:22:28 2004
Yup, Max got it. Whenever Bart Simpson prank-calls Moe's Tavern, it usually takes the form of "Is Mister Lastname there, first initials (or first name) such-and-such"? 

It's also a Futurama reference, as it was I.C. Weiner whom Fry was intended to deliver a pizza when he stumbled into a cryo-capsule and awoke 1000 years later. (Though the way he says it, it sounds like "Icy Weiner.") It was only much later that we find out who actually ordered that pizza and why.
--LAN3 Fri Jul 16 15:47:01 2004

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