i have a religous mandate to notice your beautiful face
Re: "Red and Blue"....ditto results for me. I prefer to think of it as well-informed!
--YELM Mon Jul 19 08:10:28 2004
also in the middle...
--FoSO Mon Jul 19 08:54:34 2004
Red and darn proud of it!!!
--Beau Mon Jul 19 09:42:11 2004
One of my friends talked about the Red or Blue thing yesterday. He was exactly in the middle too, I however, was a lovely shade of light, light pink.
--Candi Mon Jul 19 10:55:23 2004
yeah, assigning a left/right lable for knowledge of midwestern geography is a bit sloppy. this quiz would make a many chicagoans more "red" than they'd normally be.
--bill Mon Jul 19 15:52:28 2004
Middle here.
Maybe it's genetic.
Now THAT is scary.
--YELAS Mon Jul 19 16:19:21 2004
well, I mind being called RED OR BLUE!
I'm MILITANTLY independent!

btw, the title of this entry is delightful.
--kevin (kluless) Mon Jul 19 17:53:07 2004
Kevin--thanks, I was pleased with the title as well.

I consider myself an Extremist Moderate myself...the ANSWER IS IN THE MIDDLE DOGGONE IT!!!
--Kirk Tue Jul 20 06:53:05 2004
Whenever the "Annals of Improbably Research," (brought to you by the talented group who used to produce the "Journal of Irreproducable Results") has its annual Ig-Nobel Prize ceremeny, it will often feature a delegation from NEMC, the "Non-Extremists for Moderate Change." I think you folks who live in a permanent state of purple should consider joining up. 

OTOH, I recall that whenever NEMC goes and protests stasis and/or rapid progress, they usually get beaten up: "In every country except Finland, NEMC members have been greeted with scorn, projectiles, violent attack, and police arrest. At the medical convention in Paris, they were assaulted, verbally and physically, by animal rights protesters, researchers, physicians, medical administrators, and bystanders."
--LAN3 Tue Jul 20 10:41:25 2004
Yeah, i mentioned NEMC
http://kisrael.com/viewblog.cgi?date=2003.08.06 -- hadn't heard much about the violence, is that gossip column for real?
--Kirk Tue Jul 20 10:47:39 2004
I'd say no-- the AIR posts pictures and various updates about them, or did back when I read the AIR, and the photos were always amusingly staged.
--LAN3 Tue Jul 20 11:45:05 2004
Well, besides, they're non-extremists for moderate change, and I'm an extremist moderate, so...
--Kirk Tue Jul 20 12:00:13 2004
The thing I can't tell is whether the guy who linked to, on 8/6/03, is affiliated with the genuine (however fictional) group.
--LAN3 Wed Jul 21 01:19:27 2004

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