knight rider, the motorcycle version
Speaking of Knight Rider. I've heard tell that they have cast Ben Affleck as Michael Knight in the upcoming movie adaptation. I hope to goddess that they take it as seriously as, say, Charlie's Angels or Loaded Weapon I. Or Starsky and Hutch, though I hear that sucked.
--John S. Wed Jul 21 15:58:44 2004
My hat is off to your astute cmomnad over this topic-bravo!
--Smiley Fri Jul 29 03:16:52 2011
Just to add a little mopre brgackound to the above  more than 2 pixels might be pushing it, but not by far. Then he gave the world's first public demonstration of a working television system to members of the Royal Institution and a newspaper reporter on January 26, 1926 at his laboratory in London. Unlike later electronic systems with several hundred lines of resolution, Baird's vertically scanned image, using a scanning disk embedded with a double spiral of lenses, had only 30 lines, just enough to reproduce a recognizable human face.30 lines. Maybe that should be considered low definition , being a prototype.So, what's standard definition  that's probably answered by the TV systems that were actually employed in mass service: In 1932 he demonstrated ultra-short wave television. Baird's electromechanical system reached a peak of 240 lines of resolution on BBC television broadcasts in 1936, before being discontinued in favor of a 405-line all-electronic system developed by Marconi-EMI.So, I guess we can consider 240 lines of resolution as standard definition . The BBC's 405 line system was called High Definition TV .There you go. 405 lines could be considered the point at which high-definition is achieved  if you wanted to create an arbitrary cut-off point.But still, it's better to avoid using the term because it's meaningless. 405 lines might be logical, but different people will disagree with that, too.What I don't really understand is why the industry started using high definition to describe their new TVs, when the term is over 7- years old and is applicable to much lower resolution systems. Why didn't they just come up with a new name to avoid confusion?
--Harry Sat Mar 17 00:23:38 2012

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