awaken to the forsaken bacon
I remember the Cult of Bacon! I attended BaconFests 1 & 2. Were there more?
--Cagey Wed Jul 21 09:54:46 2004
Not so far as I know...but I was only on the outskirts of the movement. S'too bad I don't know of an archive of tufts.general, I'm sure we talked about it there...

So are you someone I know in a non-virtual-way? Feel free to drop me a note if you like, kli at kisrael dot com ushers people past the spamfilter...
--Kirk Wed Jul 21 10:10:02 2004
Oh your online handle a play on your name? I think I know who you are now... :->
--Kirk Wed Jul 21 10:22:13 2004
Oh Kirk, I'm surprised it took you so long to figure this out. I think you even suggested "Cagey" as a handle for me. 
--Cagey Wed Jul 21 12:17:41 2004
Ok, now I'm a little confused. I mentally messed up the real life person's last name I was thinking of...anyway, does your alias start w/ the same letter as your last name?

If not, I'm just a big retard. Which clearly isn't out of the question.
--Kirk Wed Jul 21 12:24:57 2004
If you save it for the 28th I might even be able to make it...
--Cordelia Wed Jul 21 19:32:57 2004
Fewer people are likely to be on vacation on 8/28 than on 8/14.
--Max Thu Jul 22 06:59:00 2004

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