thanks lan3
Me me me me me me me me!
--LAN3 Sun Jul 25 16:25:37 2004
I would like to comment that your weibtse design lacks the savageness and poverty themes that we gringos commonly associate with Mexico. Without these stereotypic elements I refuse believe that you’re actually in Mexico. I suggest a picture of a shack or two, some wild chickens, some old car being pushed by a kid (preferably a brown kid) and the ever so famous and beloved “brown lady on the street holding a child in one hand and begging for money with the other.” Once you add these vital “Mexican elements” to your weibtse it will go from being a simple “chingadera” to more elaborate “chingonada” in which case celebration will be in order. Farewell and remember to do the country of Mexico justice and represent all of its imperfections. Be “Fair and Balance”
--William Sat Jan 5 21:46:28 2013

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