bot bon mots
One time I got an AIM message from a woman I didn't know. very friendly. Too friendly, and the messages she sent had nothing to do with my messages. I knew she was a robot long before she started to cyber-molest me.

At what was no doubt a carefully chosen point, she predictably told me she had to go but I could continue on her webcam site.

This kind of thing makes me want to track down spammers with a stick blender and make Tongue Smoothies out of them.
--Nick B Tue Jul 27 13:46:27 2004
i had just been appreciating the "grunt" quote from dubya... things that make you go hmmm.
--FoSO Tue Jul 27 13:59:16 2004
When they start bothering to put real brains on those things, it's gonna get weird.
--Kirk Tue Jul 27 14:03:59 2004
also: cosmic arkanoid?
--FoSo Tue Jul 27 14:07:08 2004
sorry, cosmic ark...
--FoSO Tue Jul 27 14:08:16 2004
You got it! Luckily I can get you a real cookie rather than relying on some lame gag of a script that sets a cookie on your browser...
--Kirk Tue Jul 27 14:20:51 2004
I was going to say the little creatures from MULE, but they aren't quite right I guess.
--Sarah Tue Jul 27 14:35:35 2004
No but not a bad line of thought!

I've since learned FoSO doesn't actually know the game in question...I think some URL and filename detectivery was afoot!

Still, a deal's a deal and I picked up the cookie this afternoon.
--Kirk Tue Jul 27 15:16:44 2004
MULE sounds like a game I'd like to try. Any advice on how I can get up to three other people to come to my apartment and play an Atari 800 game?
--Nick Bensema Tue Jul 27 21:00:16 2004
Pain, and a promise of something to stop the pain, I think, would do the trick, Nick.
--LAN3 Tue Jul 27 23:04:44 2004

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