"balls," said the queen. "if i had them i'd be king."
I click on it pretty quickly without it sticking, but it does get stuck at some point which, if I had to guess, has more to do with how much white area has been created-- it stick after few largish circles for me, but only after very many small ones.
--LAN3 Wed Jul 28 10:18:19 2004
I think the size is only indirectly related...if you create a new ball when it's drawing the other ones, as opposed to just burning cycles waiting for the clock, then it's an error. So probably, big circles are slower for it to draw, so it's more likely to get caught in the "I'm drawing now" time.

It's a sophomoric programming mistake. If I stuck with an array rather than a Vector it would be fine, I think...so if i just made a big array of like 1000, and just had it stopped adding balls after that, it woulda been better.

--Kirk Wed Jul 28 10:40:11 2004
That mobius-climbing thing. It's not really a mobius because it includes two half-twists, thus you stay on one side of it. I bet you could engineer it so that it would be a true mobius, but I bet the subtle difference would be lost on your average pre-schooler.
--Harry Wed Jul 28 13:09:13 2004
hey, thanks for making me look like an ignoramus! it's not my fault you left the answer in plain sight! mmm, bert's make me very, very, very happy and fat.
--FoSO Wed Jul 28 15:23:13 2004
Not knowing a "B-list" Atari 2600 game from 1982 hardly makes you an ignoramus...I would've been impressed by your 'Tari trivia and pattern recognition, but I'm just as impressed with your URL sleuthing abilities. Just enjoy your cookie and be glad I didn't think to name it "mysteryanimation.gif"
--Kirk Wed Jul 28 16:03:31 2004
I got error message:
An exception of type 'java/lang/NoSuchMethodError' was no handled
everytime. :(
--Aw Wed Jul 28 16:19:21 2004
You might have an older version of the java plugin or something. You can load a more resent one at http://java.sun.com/
--Kirk Wed Jul 28 17:15:38 2004

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