filthy with miracles
China has 1,000 1 in a million events in the same period. How can we close the miracle gap.

--Evil Bastard Tue Aug 3 08:13:45 2004
We must *demand* that they open their miracle-based markets to the American Businessman, or else they risk losing their "most miraculous nation" trading status.
--Kirk Tue Aug 3 12:47:28 2004
The matter of the bad encoding on that "Hating America" page is simple-- Most windows browsers (including Opera and Firefox) have an "encoding" item in the View Menu, so you need View -> Encoding -Western European (ISO) or ISO-8859-1, or something close to that. (Sometimes it's just "Western.") 

Great link, by the way-- I know I told you as much in IM, but I hadn't finished it at the time-- now I'm emphatic about how great it is. And it provides a few good leads on some books that might be interesting.

(And like I said in IM, it confirms my pre-conceived notions, so of course I believe every word of it, hehe)
--LAN3 Wed Aug 4 22:57:58 2004

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