end of an era
Today isn't special because it's been over for a long time. Commendably, you've moved on and you'll be OK.
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Aug 7 08:07:14 2004
Today is special. It is formally and finally the end.  Be grateful, be happy, know that your friends are grateful as well.
--Evil Bastard Sat Aug 7 09:27:56 2004
I dunno if I've done half the moving on that Mo has ;-)
--Kirk Sat Aug 7 09:56:50 2004
Sarah, speaking as a Republican, but not a homeowner, I would (and do) just silently shake my head when I see Kerry signs, stickers, etc. in my neighborhood. (Ditto [No Rush Intended] for the anti-Bush displays, which are far more common.] I live in Lefty Central (which is to say an urban periphery where most people rent, in a left-coast city), though, so overt displays of Republicannitude are frowned upon.
--LAN3 Sat Aug 7 18:53:48 2004
Ah... but LAN3... should you stumble upon a Bush sign in Lefty-Central... how would you feel about it's presence?
--Sarah Mon Aug 9 16:22:22 2004
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