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ok, we've had the "cute" girlfriend conversation and you know exactly what i think about that! i *do* understand that you're looking for someone who is attractive to you in every way. more than that, though, is that she should be the person who's always on your side, picks you first for dodgeball, and makes your knees weak. if the package she comes in isn't a ringer for, say, samantha mathis, are you going to pass that up? what a fool ye mortal be.
--FoSO Mon Aug 9 10:12:53 2004
I hear you. And I do think I am better at appreciating the beauty of women in more guises than I used to be, that I've matured in that way. Not that there's not more room for me to grow.

Sigh. Looking at my "check list" it is kind of irritating how many of them Mo meets pretty well. And it took me years for both of us to realize which ones she didn't, the life goal thing. Or something.

--Kirk Mon Aug 9 10:29:37 2004
FOUL-UP of the Moment

"In the comments the other day I mentioned people with the abilility to read other people very well.."

Really, you did it? Funny, it's signed a "Evil Bastard", I didn't know you posted under that name, or from my machine, for that matter.

A front page retraction would do nicely, thanks.

--Pissed Evil Bastard Mon Aug 9 16:57:13 2004
Evil Bastard, you are a complete dunderhead. I was referring to MY comment "Huh, I thought a while back I posted someting about some guys who do have this almost super-natural ability to read body language, can't find the link though... ". See, in today's comments when I say "the link I was thinking of"? Get it? DUHHHHHH.

Pretty big talk from someone who was called on the carpet for ripping off Patton Oswalt...
--Kirk Mon Aug 9 19:23:54 2004
Patton Oswalt is my hero, for coining the phrase "gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys."

If you're looking on the Internet, know that while match.com is the most popular, okcupid.com is FREE. Real free. Like, the way websites were in 1994 kind of free. So try that first. Then try match.com, because, it being the most popular, you'll get the most hits there.
--Nick B Mon Aug 9 21:47:14 2004
Oh, that's great if I want to see the profiles of a bunch of POOR PEOPLE!!!

I'm kidding, there could be something idealistic about a free site. But in all seriousness, if I knew one service or another would let me present myself in a better way and/or find a more interesting person, it would be worth the cash. But, romance won't lose its roll-the-dice nature, even on the Internet.

Anyway, I talk about alot of that tomorrow...
--Kirk Mon Aug 9 22:07:43 2004

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