jump! for my love!
I thought your comment was HILARIOUS about me still being single after a year. Don't worry about joking around. I enjoy being single -- and I really needed this time to figure out what the hell I want. I am just now feeling comfortable with dating. I didn't mean to be too critical...I really didn't. And, I am not some picky Bitch, either. I am the posterchild for slob. I wear tye-dye and jeans so much that my pals call it my uniform. My thought is this -- I feel best in an old tee shirt and my flip-flops and if some man doesn't find me attractive like that, then make-up and a good bra are futile cuz they happen so rarely. So -- I think you should put your honest self forward...with this caveat. Internet dating is tricky because every word, photographic nuance is scrutinized. You have 10 seconds to make an impression, as to where in a live setting you have minutes, hours, and often days to really shine. Maybe she sees you each morning on her way to work and it takes her a few times of processing you that she 'accidentally' bumps you on the arm at Starbucks. Who knows. Online...you have a few seconds to get the eye of a hopeful woman who is man-browsing. As for keeping up with Mo...somethimes things are not as they appear. I partied my ass off and had a very full social and romantic agenda early off. All that did was prolong my processing the failure of my 5 1/2 year relationship with a man I thought I was to marry and have a family with. So, quantity is NEVER better than quality. We all have to do it our own way. Maybe Mo is needing the diversion. I don't know. I needed those diversions to keep me from feeling desolate and afraid of my 1 person apt. Now, I think I have something fresh to bring to my relationships -- that is how I know I am ready to accept an offer every now and then. Good Luck, man. It is hell to start over agin -- even at our age (29 and 30). Everyone around us is coupled -- seemingly.
--Rhetoric Wed Aug 11 16:04:42 2004
And, I am with Sarah about vee-neck undershirts. Go crew-neck undershirt...but a vee-sweater as Sarah describes with a white tee beneath is simply delish on anyone. I think most buttons are poorly spaced on shirts. It is either too unbottoned or freakishly over-buttoned. So, an undershirt always looks OK to me. But, then again I did admit to being a geek.
--Rhetoric Wed Aug 11 16:08:02 2004
I have some kind of block about wearing sweaters. I don't know what it is, if it's because I had to wear them as a kid or what...
--Kirk Wed Aug 11 16:43:58 2004
Heh. I resent both sweaters and vee-neck undershirts. And dating, but not really.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 12 01:59:07 2004
Hey remember Mr."A"? Click on http://www.jefferson.k12.oh.us/staff/administration.htm#alspaugh He's the assistant principal since 2000 at an Ashtabula, OH high school. Take care and go band!
--Adam Vanho Thu Aug 12 06:33:28 2004
Hey Vanho!

Good to hear from ya!

Ah, good old Mr. A. Funny to think that we all must be older than he was at the time...don't see his name with helping out any of the band stuff there...
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 06:51:57 2004
One more thing-- my boss had read the Fortune article that was the source for the $93K-earning Costco shopper, and it is indeed household earnings, not necessarily a single salary.
--LAN3 Thu Aug 12 12:38:45 2004
That saves me. Thanks for being so snesbile!
--Mircea Sat Jun 18 18:25:17 2011
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