smile, darn ya, smile!
Well, I've never met/seen you in real life, so I don't know which is the most accurate representation. And, I'm a heterosexual man, so I'm far from the target audience.
That said, I think the middle top (2004.08.11.Dsc00090.jpg) is the one I'd most want to go out with. :-)
--fb3 Thu Aug 12 08:28:29 2004
Huh...Sue from work voted for top right and bottom center. I like top center myself...bottom center is kind of amusing though, nice to get away from just grinning.
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 09:07:30 2004
I'm a fan of the top center one. It's a flattering shot, and you look casual without being posed! You've also done well with the shirt combo! I'm also a fan of the cabinetry behind you... is that your apartment? Very nice! 
--Sarah Thu Aug 12 10:27:55 2004
Alas, no, that's FoSO's kitchen.

The shirt combo was a coincidence too, alas...part of Jane's makeover was getting me away from shirt open over white "novelty" T. (Maybe "novelty" is too harsh, but "interesting" would be too generous.) And people were picking on my collar... so I wasn't sure if I was going for the Blue T I wore that day, or the blue shirt, buttoned; wore both over there, and decided that wasn't so bad.

My only hesitation with top center is, like, does my cheek look too...shall we say...globular...
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 10:32:16 2004
Another vote for top center, and I'd say that bottom center is the least flattering of the lot--not because you're not smiling, but because it makes your head look too big. Dunno if it's the camera angle or what.
--Dan Thu Aug 12 10:32:26 2004
Definitely top-center.
--Max Thu Aug 12 10:35:56 2004
Ditto the top center ... doesn't seem staged.
--Beau Thu Aug 12 10:36:16 2004
top center. and as far as your cheek being "globular," you have a round face, get over it!
--FoSO Thu Aug 12 10:57:20 2004
top center or top-right,
--Evil-Bastard Thu Aug 12 11:32:01 2004
My vote is for top center. I prefer photos that don't look posed. I think all of the photos in the bottom row have that "I'm sitting in front of my webcam" look.
--Cagey Thu Aug 12 12:24:18 2004
Actually, if you want to improve that top-center photo slightly, flip it horizontally so that you appear to be looking from left to right instead of right to left. The Western eye is used to traveling left to right, so photos often look better if the subject is on the left peering off to the right.
--Max Thu Aug 12 15:26:19 2004 looks a tad better but seems kind of dishonest...and my eyebrow scare would be on the wrong side!

The left-right thing is interesting. I also wonder if it has something to do with "handiness". Peterman and I play this game, Mario Kart Double Dash, and sometimes for a kick we play it in "Mirror Mode" with all the levels reversed. Some of the levels then become much easier for him and much harder for me, and vice versa...I can really feel a difference of how certain stuff seems to "loom" faster or slower depending on which side of the screen it first appears. So I think left- vs right-handedness comes into play with our visual perceptions too.

I suppose it might be less of an issue for an illiterate person. Or one who reads in one of the few languages that alternates l-r/r-l. (Those ancient greeks would be MAD Mario Kart DD players!)
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 15:44:35 2004
ok, top center all the way... as for globular, nah... you have sweet cheeks!! heh heh

actually, of all the shots, i think the top center makes your cheeks the least globular of all. i agree it doesn't seem as staged as some of the others.

so there.
--aparajita Thu Aug 12 16:48:28 2004
how about shaving before taking a picture, you look like an overpaid java programmer.
--Evil Bastard Thu Aug 12 17:41:21 2004
shaving? liked me a little scruffy
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 17:53:32 2004
mo??? mo who????
--curiousone Thu Aug 12 21:29:41 2004
Curiosone, I don't know if you're being a sincere newbie or a sarcastic, pro-moving-on old-timer, but Mo is my ex-wife...
--Kirk Thu Aug 12 22:59:41 2004
i think having you face away from the camera can make some more 'natural' looking then they're less like a mugshot and stuff. or as one said, not so 'staged' looking. i think the idea of going out with friends and taking pictures that way is a great idea. then it wouldn't be so 'forced' and there would be elements of what you like and stuff in the background as well...

but that's just me though.
--Crazy Spork I Am Fri Aug 13 03:51:15 2004
Well, this was staying in with friends, but yeah. 

The trouble is, usually it's me taking the photos...I have a lot more interesting pix of the people I'm hanging around with than I do of me.
--Kirk Fri Aug 13 06:28:14 2004
I vote for top right.

But you're trying to win over Mo again? (referring to the claim about Mo liking your scruffy face) =b
--Mr. Lex Wed Aug 18 09:45:35 2004

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