an unusually mild august night in portugal
It was worth the wait. Not a critic, a little jealous that you can maintain this everyday. In no way shape or form could I do that.
--Beau Wed Aug 18 10:34:56 2004're one of the few people reading who knew Marcos!
--Kirk Wed Aug 18 10:57:02 2004
your prose continues to stun me. as beau said, "in no way, shape or form could i do that."
--FoSO Wed Aug 18 12:19:19 2004
And you say you're not a genuis.
--Candi Wed Aug 18 13:15:10 2004
I do remember Marcos ... good guy and the ladies just LOVED HIM!! The thing that I remember most was that no matter how much attention he received from women it didn't seems to phase him at all. A lot of guys our age would have been super arrogant about it!!! I, obviously, never had those sort of problems.
--Beau Wed Aug 18 13:27:00 2004

Well, thanks, and shucks.

I believe in multiple intelligences, that the usual view of intelligence as a single spectrum is off-balance. In a lot of ways, I'm more or less a moron. In fact, I think it's being a moron in a lot of ways that kind of forced me to develop book smarts as a coping mechanism.

And don't let Beau fool ya--he was a bit of a lady's man himself. In fact, speaking of multiple intelliegnces, Beau is my case study! Such a better musician and chess player, and he is *astoundingly* likable... seriously, he's got that whole Will Rogers "never met a man I didn't like" shtick *down*, effortlessly. (And the feeling is generally mutual, across all these groups.) But still, between the two of us, I've always been the book smart one.
--Kirk Wed Aug 18 13:42:41 2004
So...Beau is less moronic?

While I was on the cruise last week, the bartenders at the Schooner Bar on the ship called me "their smart girl." (I figured out their bar tricks before anybody else did.) As the week went on they asked me what I was going to school for, and when I said "meteorology, math and physics" they were like "Wow! You really are smart!" I responded with "I have plenty of stupid moments." And one of them replied "So does everybody else."

It's not just that you're smart, it's how you apply it that makes you KIRK ISRAEL: The Genuis.
--Candi Wed Aug 18 16:49:53 2004

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