remote chance
l&b's collection is strikingly similar to my own... especially strange to me is the rectangular sonythat they have. it looks just like the one for my tv - a very old hand-me-down from the in-laws. 
--FoSO Mon Aug 23 08:33:08 2004
I love Tivo!
--Candi Mon Aug 23 10:31:46 2004
i can't live without my TiVo. sad, really.
--FoSO Mon Aug 23 13:58:48 2004
Ditto the TiVo comment. Best invention since remote control and indoor plumbing (I am easy to please)!
--Beau Mon Aug 23 15:14:56 2004
TiVoooooooooooooo. . .gaugh (drooling like Homer Simpson).
--Mr. Lex Tue Aug 24 06:12:53 2004

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