furniture that looks like it has been places
Very cool furniture Kirk! I love the travel stickers... and nice use of the word valise also! That just doesn't get used enough!
--Sarah Tue Aug 24 15:57:57 2004
woo, finally some comment on it! I thought it was pretty nifty, but I've found that nifty doesn't equal getting comments from the peanut gallery on

Funny...I got a gmail address today as well.... and lo and behold kirkjerk wasn't taken!

--Kirk Tue Aug 24 16:12:12 2004
You can never have enough shelf space.

The green and blue go good with the stickers! I'm impressed.

I take my first programming class next semester, dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Actually, I guess it's technically this semester. Only 5 more days till I go back to VT!
--Candi Tue Aug 24 16:35:19 2004
I really dig the unit.
--Cole Tue Aug 24 21:24:45 2004
Holy shit, did they keep using that Castor-based stuff I invented? That was (!) years ago!
I don't know whether I should be flattered or forever hide my head in shame! There were some decent ideas buried in there... but I thought hiding all the intrinsic complexity (yes, the ~general~ case was very complex) from regular users was a requirement. Then again, who knew what the requirements really were?

In fact, I thought what's-his-name was dead set against Castor. The whole idea of a "testing framework" was probably a bad idea.
I'll say this, though: It was an attempt (misguided though it may have been) to innovate in uncharted territory.
--chuck Tue Aug 24 21:27:54 2004
Hey Chuck--
Cool to hear from you--didn't know you were reading this. How is it going?

The testing framework isn't being used. I don't know whose idea it was, but I think recording both "verb" and "noun" as XML, rather than just "noun", was misguided. QA seemed much happier with a quick and dirty tool that used Castor directly to make Documents from XML and spit out results. (Though now we're taking a look at the XML stuff Cog. came up with. Some not bad ideas there, but again I'm worried about the complexity)

But man...when I think about how convoluted just simple stuff like logging and reading config files's pretty insane. People should really work to keep simple things simple, we have enough inherently complex things to worry about.
--Kirk Tue Aug 24 23:13:56 2004
Good work on the shelf. I am casting about for a new furniture project of my own. I like doing the boxes but I want to get back to a larger object.

As for programming. Closely related to KISS, id YAGNI "You Aren't Going To Need It" - Don't build for the future, build for now, most time that future will never come and you've wasted time and added complexity.

However, as far as devnotes.txt, I must prefer a wiki, since everyone can share the knowledge

As for web access, I could never work without Google. 9 times out of 10 its faster and more accurate than any paper docs or books I have. I consult it for syntactic peculiarities at least 20 times a day. It can be a distraction, but sometimes you subconscious mind needs time to work on something anyway.
--John S. Wed Aug 25 22:23:36 2004

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