dos and don'ts, wooze and won'ts
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--LAN3 Thu Aug 26 21:45:37 2004
It dnsoet matter its the Jesus phone it should be able to turn air into battery power.
--Abbu Sat Feb 11 10:58:25 2012
Really enjoyed this.  I too have a lrudnay fetish. My washer/dryer unit has been pronounced dead by the repairman.  Had new unit delivered and they could not fit it through the upstairs bathroom door  where my tiny lrudnay resides.  I am in the process of finding a carpenter to widen the door frame so I will be able to get new unit in.  Previous owner of my apartment was an architect! Heaven knows how the dead unit was placed there years ago.  Think he brought it in thru bedroom closet and then sealed up the wall behind it.  Total frustration for the laundress.  But then again, Why not. xo
--Ebru Wed Mar 14 12:57:42 2012

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