where are the flying cars? i was promised flying cars! (nay)
Well, it would have to be more dangerous than what it's competing with -- that being, human-piloted automobiles. I'd say, one fatality per month would be a great success, except that doesn't figure in the control-freak nature of American culture. So what if I'm more likely to die in a rolling car than in a flying car? At least I'm in control of my rolling car!

Of course, there's a huge industry around cars, and a huge driving culture in this country. I think many car companies, and their well-placed politicians, will do whatever they can to keep the status quo going.
--Nick B Sun Aug 29 13:46:42 2004
Yeah...I think one of the strongest arguments for evidence of national corporate conspiracies involves GM et al working to curtail electric public transportation as much as corporately (I was going to say humanly) possible...
--Kirk Sun Aug 29 21:06:35 2004
Variation on self driving cars...public transportation! I'm discovering that I miss my London twice a day 25 minute reading sessions (even standing up sometimes.
--YELM Tue Aug 31 17:59:04 2004
You have shed a ray of sunsinhe into the forum. Thanks!
--Boomer Thu Oct 20 10:17:15 2011
#11 all my life I have always wteand a Boss 429 no it does not handle the best it isn't the absolute fastest. but It shakes the ground and rattles the windows when it goes by. That's good enough for me. For sound, when you hear it, it puts a chill up your spine. Oh and to raise anyone's blood pressure, giving the girls a ride one at a time and even in the car maybe lmao
--Nazel Sun Apr 14 11:21:33 2013

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