"i'm either the most or the least enlightened guy i know"
Kirk, your list of beliefs most reminds me of those of Aristotle, except maybe the parts about being nice and kind. 

You know that neural net thing that plays Twenty Questions and is impressively good at guessing what you're thinking of? Somebody should make one of those for classifying people's philosophies. I wonder how many questions it would need to rougly categorize just about everyone - I'm thinking 7 or 8, tops.
--drw Tue Aug 31 06:12:59 2004
Well. . .there's a saying out there, "Take what you can use and leave the rest."

Don't a lot of philosophies and religions have things in common? That's got to mean something for you, if not just a lot of work to look into this stuff.
--Mr. Lex Tue Aug 31 06:20:46 2004
I think it might be hard to come up with a label for everyone's philosophy...(and putting on my geek hat, it's not properly a "neural network", just a simpler decision tree)

For me, the main functional difference between religion and philosophy is religion is more likely to insist on the existence and relevance of something "out there" and philosophy in its modern practice is more about the tangible, or at least not too concerned with the blatantly spiritual. Not always, but more often than not.
--Kirk Tue Aug 31 06:45:50 2004
I think if you mix a bit of all. buddist, christian, whatever you might have the answer. But this blind faith thing gives them a place to hide perversity.

--B.K. Wed Sep 1 09:55:22 2004

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