diets - Google for "Hacker's Diet", it gives and easy to understand view of weight gain and loss. Unfortunately, there is no way that you can contiue to lose four pounds per day, since (more than likely) what you lost was mostly water. One pound (of fat) per week is a more achievable & sustainable goal.
--ericball Wed Sep 1 08:50:23 2004
Heehee, I know. I was just being silly. I'm in the initial "whoosh" period, as some call it. I lost another 3 lbs the second day. So extrapolating, today I'll lose 2 lbs, then 1, crap, on Saturday I'm going to start gaining weight!
--Kirk Wed Sep 1 09:16:36 2004
The water comes off first and then the rest is harder to take off. You'll see.
--B.K. Wed Sep 1 09:43:30 2004
I know I know I know. 

Just to get into TMI:
First off, I think I *generally* carry weight pretty well. I always have a babyface, and even at my lowest weight ever, I had them pinchable cheeks. I have pretty amazing ab control given how much it has to hold back, and according to Evil Bastard don't look that much worse now then I did 20 lbs ago. Maybe my weekly yoga for a year has helped that? Dunno.

In high school, 1995 or so, I was down to 170, a little less, not sure what my high had been...but I was fairly intensly dieting. (My friend's suggestion of "drink a lot of water, don't eat after 5pm" which is a variation on what I'm trying now.) My girlfriend then said maybe that was too low for me, my face looked a little gaunt (despite the cheeks! I think.)

My biggest recent success was get down to about 180 in fall 2001. My alltime max was about 210, and I approached that recently, but only in a spike kind of way.

I was in the 180s through most of my marriage...I think...this holiday season it was up to the 190s, and just this summer in the mid-200s. I'm behind, 190 was supposed to be my diet-trigger, and I slacked off.

So...well, I got a tough road to hoe. Gotta rethink my attitude about small little cheats and eating in general and find the exercises I'll keep up with.

Just thought I'd post this here, a little mor comfortable here than on the main page for some odd reason.
--Kirk Wed Sep 1 10:12:58 2004
I think might show me near my all-time low. Lemme know if you agree about the cheeks thing ;-)
--Kirk Wed Sep 1 10:16:11 2004
Most experienced tech-support folks are familiar with the "screenshot of a desktop" prank, but the introduction of an error message might be just enough of a red herring to throw them.
--LAN3 Wed Sep 1 12:39:57 2004
Perhaps this is a message from the Universe at large for me to GET OUT OF THIS STATE!

--Sean "South Florida" Conner Thu Sep 2 05:21:08 2004
Um. . .aaaahhhhh. . .you know that most of that 4 lbs is water, right?

Reading closely is for losers. =b
--Mr. Lex Thu Sep 2 06:13:02 2004
I always thought the "it's water" is weird, because I'm drinking *plenty* of water...for my money, weight lost is weight lost, you lose a lot at first and then try not to get discourged when the rate slows.

I also doubt the conventional wisdom that once a week weighings is best. My observation is people (well, me) eat poorly or well on a day-to-day basis, a week is too long: if you understand that there will be some day-to-day variation up and down, then checking the weight every day is fine.

Surprisingly I was exactly right about the pattern for the first three days...4 lbs, then 3 lbs, then it did indeed extend to 2lbs, so 9 lbs in all.

I know it's a lifestyle change I need to put into place here. Also I'm hoping some stuff in yoga will be easier if I'm 15-30lbs lighter.
--Kirk Thu Sep 2 06:27:20 2004
Thank you for attributing my haiku properly. Yours is the only site on the net that I've found which attributes it back to me, other than the report about the contest I entered it in. In fact, I wrote it some years before, in 1991. Anyway, I sincerely appreciate your care in proper attribution.
--Paul Blair Tue Apr 12 04:40:07 2005

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