wellington nitroglycerin
doopelgoogler? hahaha oh dear.
--Candi Thu Sep 2 06:50:16 2004
Heh, it's sad to say, but my father is my own doopelgoogler.

Also, since you mentioned it... Napolean Dynamite is a fantastic flick.
--rosser Thu Sep 2 07:47:34 2004
Heheh, that's funny Ross. Luckily Kirk Israel is still pretty distinctive in that combination.

Is Napolean Dynamite good? I've heard mixed things, some great, some awful.
--Kirk Thu Sep 2 08:32:16 2004
I saw Napoleon Dynamite a little while ago, and I can't decide how I feel about it. The main characters weren't that likeable, and but for a couple of small scenes and the climax you might think they were worthless and hopeless as well-- that's not the case as it turns out, but the writing needed some work in that direction.

The plot meanders, but since you know there will be some spectacular humiliations ahead for the characters, you can't help but want to stay tuned. The climax is something akin to a trainwreck in terms of how attractive it is to watch, but ends up being both amusing and entertaining. Actually, the whole movie could be fairly described by that sentence.

I also learned afterwards that there is a sequence that follows the credits that I missed, but while it sounds like something that might be over-the-top, I can't quite tell myself it's worth sitting through the movie again. I still don't know if I want to see that climactic scene again. I doubt I could make sense of it.
--LAN3 Thu Sep 2 19:13:34 2004
It's the kind of movie you watch just to watch it, not to follow a story. There's not much of a plot, it's generally an opportunity for a town full of the humanly frail to act with human frailty for ninety minutes. It helps if you also know someone like ND, or were someone like ND.

I don't know if you can call it an "indy" film; apparently it's an MTV production.
--Nick B Thu Sep 2 20:53:09 2004
Yeah, rather than indy film I'd have to call it more of an "indy release." I think the labels of indy and mainstream are only useful to me as far as helping determine whether it'll be at one of the downtown megaplex theaters, the filmhouses that dot the city, and the couple of theaters that run movies that're in between, such as the wide-run import movies and little movies starring famous people. Napoleon Dynamite goes in this in-between category.

Of course, I live in a city with a good filmhouse penetration and, except for those exclusive NY/LA movies, we generally get movies even under "limited release." I'd need a different taxonomy if that weren't the case.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 3 17:48:25 2004

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