if he only had a brain
That article made you feel empathetic for Bush? Sure, his sister died when he was young, but still. . .the rest of the article just reinforced any feeling I had about the mean being a juvenile in a man's body. A President with an Oedipal complex and who doesn't pay attention to his adviser's, the news, or even the people in this democratic nation? That doesn't get empathy from me. . ..
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 07:13:44 2004
I dunno, I think there is a tendency to think of him as this slathering, unthinking inhuman monster, and while I think he's made a LOT of bad decisions, in life as well as in office, the profile humanizes him a bit.

Besides I said "sympathize" not "empathize"
--Kirk Fri Sep 3 09:20:27 2004
Woops, sorry for the misnomer.

You know, the more I do discuss Mr. Bush, the more I do come to respect his personal character and efforts at humanity and so forth. Nonetheless, I still don't want him to be my President, for many reasons that the article cited mentions: he would rather use his intuition than certifiable facts, his shooting from the hip attitude, and well, the bad decisions he has made. He doesn't have a very good track record as a President.

I do plan on voting for Kerry. Honestly, I find his "flip flopping" a strength. I believe he is looking at the different sides of the issue. I guess it's true that getting caught up in having too much and not making a decision can be a problem. Nonetheless, I would rather have someone who will make a decision based on both good, solid FACTS (that the person will seek out and get from advisors and such) and intuition, not just intuition.

I guess the two guys could be considered two dramatic opposites, one them chooses to act and by acting so much, can make stupid actions; whereas the other one may choose to think before acting and things can happen during the time that he's thinking. That seems to be the biggest issue to me, and I guess I would rather go with prudence and good relations with the UN and the rest of the world. . .because it seems that the UN and the majority of the world doesn't like rash decisions that are wrong.

But yeah, you're right, Bush isn't really a slathering, unthinking inhuman monster. He's more of a bumbling fast acting, intuitive human teddy bear that tries be stern.

Or something like that. . ..
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 10:18:28 2004
sure, he's human. but he's a greedy, shameless tool of his family's corrupt network of cronies. and stupid to boot! being human doesn't give him a pass.
--bill Fri Sep 3 10:21:59 2004
Honestly, I really haven't seen good facts showing Bush as a tool to the "family's corrupt network of cronies." I've only seen mentioning of it by Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11, but other than "connections," I haven't really seen the meaning of those connections. Than again, I haven't read any of Moore's books, which is supposedly where the real arguments are.
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 10:34:49 2004
He can't be that stupid. He was a qualified pilot in an F-102, a supersonic fighter. Between the 1970s radar, weapons, and electronic warfare equipment he had to operate while flying and all the requirements for instrument flight, he was engaged in some incredibly complex tasks, and get ready do it while fighting other aircraft. And there's no back seat in an F-102, just in case you think he had his daddy along with him.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 3 11:02:48 2004
But was he really there for the training and the actual flying?

The Political Files: The Truth is Nowhere =D
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 11:05:32 2004
But oh yeah. . .there's the element of multiple intelligences. Does someone who has the kind of intelligence to fly a supersonic plane necessarily have the intelligence to lead a country?
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 11:06:42 2004
"He can't be that stupid. He was a qualified pilot in an F-102, a supersonic fighter. Between the 1970s radar" [...]
Yeah, but that was before (most of) his 20-year binge booze and drugs...seriously, some former alcoholics think he's a "dry drunk", that the damage has been done...my biggest beef with the man is the absolute refusal to admit he made a mistake. His inability to repeat that "fool me once" line is DAMN TELLING. Instead of "My Country, Right or Wrong" he and his followers take a "My Unshakable Opinion, Right or Wrong". (Oh, except he calls his opinion "facts")
--Kirk Fri Sep 3 11:31:37 2004
Has anyone read or heard his nomination acceptance speech? Kinda interesting, how convincing it can be, how reasonable it sounds, until you remember his track record and some of fallacious statements made in it. It all sounds great, except that he doesn't sound like the man to accomplish all the stuff.

But then again. . .I guess we have to remember that he's reaching out to the rich while also reaching out the rural folks who supposedly eat this crap up like its mana from God.
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 11:47:16 2004
Nomination speeches are always preaching to the converted. In light of his anti-military record, it's surprising that Senator Kerry was "reporting for duty." You don't go to a pep rally for the extensive explication of your team's losses and weaknesses. Candidates reach out to their base at conventions. 

As for never admitting he was wrong, I wouldn't count on Kerry to do much better. Rather than offer even the most minor admission of imperfection on the occasion of a minor tumble on the ski slopes, he said he had been run down by a secret service agent. Kerry shifts the blame whenever possible. But what the hell, it's his party's trademark.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 3 15:25:58 2004
Chinatown or Boylston are probably the closest T stops to the Opera House.
--Max Fri Sep 3 16:07:43 2004
"In light of his anti-military record, it's surprising that Senator Kerry was 'reporting for duty.'" No it's not. It's an obvious dig the questions about Bush even showing up for the Nat'l Guard he got sweethearted into, and a jingoistic line for a guy who wants to say that Iraq was probably a big miscalculation but he wouldn't refuse to have a military response when appropriate.

Well, heck. Re: Kerry not admitting when he's wrong, I don't think it's to a pathological degree that it is w/ Bush, and I think I'd decline to stick with "the evil we know" in this subject...
--Kirk Fri Sep 3 16:34:12 2004
Max, huh, would car be better? How much would parking for a matinee show be?
--Kirk Fri Sep 3 16:34:38 2004
I think Kerry wouldn't know what the meaning of an appropriate military response. Kerry certainly doesn't know the appropriate response to being attacked in the press at home.

And I think Kerry's blame-displacement is pathological, so we'll just disagree on that.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 3 17:38:35 2004
Admittedly, guess I'm not nearly as familiar as I am with Bush. Have to say, though, I am impressed by what I've read in the Metro and the Boston Phoenix. Or does that put me in collusion with the liberal media? Where can I read about Kerry's blame-displacement? Either way, from what I've heard, I'd like to experiment with some new "evil," please. At least Kerry seems a little more prudent than George Dubya Bush.

As for Kerry not knowing an appropriate response to the press at home, I've been reading that he's letting his anger show from having his character attacked all the time by the Bush campaign.

I'll say, the next couple months should be REAL interesting. . ..
--Mr. Lex Fri Sep 3 18:16:14 2004
Re: Opera House

I think parking around Chinatown and the theater district is a bit of a pain, even on the weekends. If the weather is nice, I'd say take the red line in from Alewife to Downtown Crossing and walk from there (5 minute walk).
--Max Fri Sep 3 19:11:16 2004
Ooh, are you going to see The Lion King? Let us know what you think of it!
--Cagey Fri Sep 3 20:12:13 2004

sadly, I've already thought of a snarky comment...that "Lion King" is to the 90s what "Cats" was to the 80s. And while I'm guessing there might be something to that, both draw from external sources, Cats had that whole tacky glitz thing, Lion King seems like it has that whole 90s-PC, culturally aware and cooly designed vibe, I really, really shouldn't presnark, it might prejudice my outlook...
--Kirk Sat Sep 4 09:37:11 2004
Snark! Snark! Snark!
--LAN3 Sat Sep 4 10:18:11 2004

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