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I for one , thank you for the work you put into the quote-a-matic. I love it. When I got to 1480 & 1481, I'd swear they were repeats. I don't mind, just a point of information unless I'm wrong. My ex(s) say I am too often. Anyway, thanks!
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Sep 4 10:39:01 2004
WindowsKey-F will open a new Find Files and Folders window.
Win-Ctrl-F opens a new window with Find Computers.
--LAN3 Sat Sep 4 13:14:03 2004
You could also choose to do a Find from the Start menu, too, can't you?
--Mr. Lex Sat Sep 4 15:12:12 2004
Both of the ways of starting find you guys mention start at c:\ rather than "search in the directory I'm in now" which is the important bit.

Bruce, good call on 1480, though I think 1481 is a first. Semi-secret: http://kisrael.com/quotes/fortune is all the quotes in one big honking file.
--Kirk Sat Sep 4 23:36:15 2004

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