on breath and sighing
My god, that Kubler-Ross bit made me laugh so hard I dropped the laptop.
--Cordelia Tue Sep 7 11:08:02 2004
I'll bet that the humor extended back in time and retroactively caused you to miss my party!

Poor thing.

And we wouldn't even have bugged you to be Mojito Wench, I swear.
--Kirk Tue Sep 7 12:14:30 2004
I keep having the problem on this blog, that I start reading something and I think you're writing it, but then I hit the attribution at the bottom, followed by comments you did write. This is why most blogs put their attributions at the top, and then block-indent the quote.
--Nick B Tue Sep 7 14:17:56 2004
Hmm. I am somewhat more likely to start a quote with quotation marks...I can see with longer passages it can be a little confusing. I guess I'm reluctant to switch though, this blog has its roots in the work I was doing on my Palm Pilot, and has some quirkiness because of that. 

What "most blogs" are you thinking of? Are they ones that put quotes in a little table box thing?
--Kirk Tue Sep 7 14:37:28 2004
All blogs must use the boingboing.net standard "SoAndSo says" followed by block indented text. High Blog Lord Cory the Constant has set this before mortals as the one true standard.  Since all those of the true faith on livejournal use the Doctorow Method, it is the only way. Homogenize immediately. Your "Primary Source" / Newsweek style of quoting is only acceptable in printed edition. You presume too much.
Homogenize, this is not a request.

All your quote are belong to us.

--Evil Bastard Wed Sep 8 05:27:53 2004
Er, thanks E.B. for what I think is a spirited, sarcastic defense of my quoting technique.

I think the boingboing style quote, more often than not, is meant to be a blurb for the link. It is often accompanied by a single, hyper-generic "link" at the end of the entire entry. While I'm a fan of disciplined and reasonably clear links, I find that format limiting, especially for additional links you might want to throw in there...it's not always easy to determine which link is "primary".

When do quote from a a link, the quote is supposed to be relatively stand-alone, not just a link promo.
--Kirk Wed Sep 8 15:56:58 2004
If I had had *tickets* in time, I'd have been here for your party. Blame J.
--Cordelia Wed Sep 8 19:53:01 2004
hee, it's ok. but you were missed!
--Kirk Thu Sep 9 06:51:07 2004

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