drink deep
A hippie coworker of mine had one of those and when I asked her where she got it, she told me and took the time to tell me about how the soft plastic bottles that you typically find water (pre-)bottled in will release "plasticizers" are known to "alter" your "genetic make-up." 

I know that she gets hears these we-aren't-living-close-enough-to-nature conspiracy theories from her boyfriend (who, the twice I met him, seemed to live close to nature, or at least dirt), but I looked it up on the internet, which is still the most reliable source for various health hysterias, and I couldn't even find anything about it, except that plasticizers were possibly linked to endocrine problems. It's weird to meet someone so kooky that people on the internet can't bring themselves to buy into it.
--LAN3 Tue Sep 14 11:17:20 2004
I got to the "high pressure" and I was like "Kirk's speaking my language!" ;)

I'm very impressed!
--Candi Tue Sep 14 14:01:01 2004
Alas, it was just me repeating (in parts verbatim) what FoSO wrote to me. Still, a very cool observation and rationalization on her part.
--Kirk Tue Sep 14 15:36:37 2004

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