you don't get any ice cream, scumbag
What debates?
--Mr. Lex Thu Sep 16 06:13:17 2004
These debates:
--Kirk Thu Sep 16 06:42:41 2004
Hi guys,I'm new to this site and posting here. I'm from the UK and was a priueovs follower of Crossfit Football. I am recovering from a herniated disk in my lower back which still gives me jip from time to time but decided to enter a half marathon in September. I want to follow your Training to help me prepare. Before the injury I was running 10k's regularly around the 43min mark had decent fitness.Now my question .for a half marathon, howany intervals (from the 4-8 or 2-4 prescription) should I aim for? Also am I fine just sticking with the prescribed distance given on Sundays or scale up/down, or add another long run in?Thank you for ya time and wicked site!Leo
--Felipe Fri Apr 6 15:16:10 2012
it all at the end of page1/top of page2  But simply punittg something different on your feet doesn't make you a gliding Tarahumara. The one best way isn't about footwear. It's about form. Learn to run gently, and you can wear anything. Fail to do so, and no shoe — or lack of shoe — will make a difference. Once we develop motor patterns, they’re very difficult to unlearn, Larson explains. Especially if you're not sure what it's supposed to feel like. "
--Erick Mon Jun 4 18:00:53 2012

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