Wow. Why did they use that picture of the kid that was killed by lightning? He looks so angry, it's almost comical.
--Candi Thu Sep 16 13:09:00 2004
He's got his "football" face on.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Sep 16 16:09:02 2004
But do you see what I mean about his features not quite filling his face? It actually made me think of the Dick Tracy "Little Face" character, but I couldn't Google up an image, plus it would be REALLY disrepectful to a guy whom nature has disrespected enough...
--Kirk Thu Sep 16 16:20:27 2004
Here's another expreiment that Josh and his brother performed, also courtesy of the Curiosity Show. This time, in the kitchen:1) Get a wooden match2) Cover just the head of the match in 1 layer of aluminium foil3) Put a pinhole through the foil at the very end of the match head4) Balance the match on the edge of the kitchen sink with the foil-covered head end suspended over the void.5) Get another match, light it.6) Hold the flame under the foil-covered head of the first match7) Watch and be amazed!I think you're supposed to learn something about jet propulsion from this expreiment  or something. Watch your fingers!
--Anna Mon Jun 4 16:34:52 2012

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