cosmic ark swarm
Kid: What's wrong papa?
Strinberg: My sould is empty.
Helium: emmmmptyyyy
Strinberg: I am dead to the world.
Helium: I'm dead too.

"At Home With The Kids" is my favorite one, so classic.
--Candi Sat Sep 18 11:43:57 2004
It's fun to pick up a bunch of little bugs then just let them go in a big bunch o' empty space.
--Mr. Lex Sat Sep 18 18:00:02 2004
Cosmic Ark Swarm - That's cool. Hmm... would it be worth adapting the concept to the A7800?

--ericball Tue Sep 21 12:02:02 2004
Jave Toy isn't working on my mac.
--Matt Wed Sep 22 12:39:27 2004

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