I filted my tap water with one of those faucet filters.

They're not as heavy.
--Nick B Wed Sep 22 11:50:56 2004
you speak a good english. "I wasn't like"
----EB Wed Sep 22 15:00:17 2004
I no-a-hire-a-good reader of proof.
--Kirk Wed Sep 22 15:19:47 2004
Squash the bottle and screw the cap back on so it can't spring back. That minimizes space while you decide what to do with them.
--xoxoxoBruce Wed Sep 22 19:21:01 2004
Cool beans so your dating again? Had any luck? Found any of 'em on the online dating services like you had talked of a bit ago?
--Rick Thu Sep 23 03:43:55 2004
I haven't tried the online dating yet, actually, this is the cousin of a co-worker. It's not too serious.

In the future you might see some rambles on the weirdness of the concept of casual dating...
--Kirk Thu Sep 23 06:52:58 2004

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