every rose has its thorny problem
I think I originally solved it using the program of that first link, but according to the more official versions, you're allowed to know that "the name of the game is significant", which I thinks gives an unfair advantage...
--Kirk Thu Sep 23 07:20:24 2004
Didn't take long for me to figure it out--maybe three or four rolls. The name of the game definitely helps.
--Max Thu Sep 23 09:22:39 2004
actually, idiot that i am, the name didn't really help me until i knew how to get the answer, just not quickly. so. i be silly.
--FoSO Thu Sep 23 09:22:45 2004
Hmm. According to that first link, "It had taken Dr. Duke well over a year himself, and he would always explain that the smarter you were, the longer it took to figure it out." Damn, and I figured it out really fast.
--Max the dunce Thu Sep 23 09:33:07 2004
I never did get it the first time I tried it, a month or two ago, but I got it this time after about 10 rolls and some pondering.

Frankly I found it to be a letdown; I was hoping for something more elaborate.
--LAN3 Thu Sep 23 13:01:07 2004
Got it ... took 10-15 minutes of my lunch break. Seemed pretty easy to spend that much time on it ... hope 10-15 minutes isn't too short.
--Beau Thu Sep 23 13:43:13 2004
Guessed right on first roll. Maybe because I'm tired and not over thinking it, maybe because I'm a visual person and the answer was the first interpretation that poped in my head. So maybe how long you take to solve it is really about your kind of intelligence, or training. I think geeks have trouble with it because they think it's a math problem when really it's a riddle. The wording of a riddle always has a clue to the answer. My favorite child hood riddle: What falls continuously but never moves? Thanks Kirk for some stimulating reading and play. Peace.
--Erin Thu Sep 23 16:00:59 2004

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