we're all earthbound right now
The reason for the re-release of the HHGttG game is this:

BBC finally produced a radio play of the remaining books in the HHGttG series, starting with _So Long and Thanks For All The Fish_, which begins with Arthur Dent on Earth, in Islington, approximately 2 million years before he was born and goes on to cover things like the Starship Titanic, and where mattresses come from.

The first episode aired last Tuesday, was 27+ minutes long, and can be found in RealAudio and WMP-stream archive... but possibly only until Tuesday when the next episode airs, so I suggest you get to listening. (BBC's radio archives are shallow and generally meant to let you to catch up after missing but a single week of any given show.) 

So far it rings as true as the first series did, and if I don't mistake, has a good bit of the same cast. I didn't actually check, but having seen the original TV version (the cast of which performed the radio version as well) pretty recently, it sounds to me like they did. (That does mean you get the Americanized Trillian, but it didn't contaminate the original series much, so, *shrug*.)
--LAN3 Fri Sep 24 12:14:33 2004
Oops, my mistake. You get the English Trillian, who was not in the TV series, she, like the rest of the main cast, was in the original. The only changes were for 3 roles whose actors had died over the years: Eddie the shipboard computer for /Heart of Gold/, Slartibartfast, and the voice of The Hitchhiker's Guide.
--LAN3 Fri Sep 24 12:26:01 2004
Heh, I remember a book-on-tape of Restaurant at the End of the Universe, read by the guy who did Marvin on radio, that was my first exposure to HHGttG. 

I wonder how they resolve the rather huge differences between the story of the radio version and of all the other versions? Or did they just pick one story or the other?
--Kirk Fri Sep 24 13:27:12 2004
Does that site have the secret 1980's level in Crono Trigger?
--Nick B Fri Sep 24 14:54:17 2004
Dunno...it's more anecdotal then comprehensive...also it's more about entire lost games, not embedded secret levels or games.
--Kirk Fri Sep 24 15:52:21 2004
Goddamn game! I always got stuck on the Heart of the Gold without doing fun fluffy things. . .I needed the walkthrough to figure it out. . .don't tell me. . .I'll figure it out again!
--Mr. Lex Sun Sep 26 12:26:42 2004

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